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Valley Oak Genome 0.5
This assembly has been aggressively haplotype reduced, resulting in very few genome regions represented more than once, but also approximately 100 Mb missing entirely. Due to high heterozygosity, typical assembly methods fail to collapse haplotypes for as much as half of the genome. We’ve found this version of the genome to be particularly useful as a reference genome for variant calling.
-Valley Oak Genome 0.5 (reduced) FASTA file download
-Valley Oak Genome 0.5 annotation gff file download
-SNPs and SMVs at Dryad


786 square

Valley Oak Genome 1.0
This assembly has been haplotype reduced by standard methods, however due to the high heterozygosity as much as a third of the genome is represented by both haplotypes. We expect coverage to be near complete.
-Valley Oak Genome 1.0 FASTA file download
Annotation Methods
Annotations are preliminary!  Careful annotations will be completed for the next genome version.  We used MAKER (Campbell et al. 2014) to identify gene models and predict functional annotations in version 1.0, and then transferred those annotations to version 0.5 using the default pipeline of FLO (, which is based on the UCSC-Kent. Toolkit {Kuhn, 2012}. The liftover was successful for 43,864 (71%) of the 61,773 gene models.